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Healing Minds Academy can teach you how to tap into your inner power and wisdom, change your mind and become the best version of you.

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The Subconscious

You have goals, wishes and dreams, yet you can't seem to achieve them no matter what you try. Something is holding you back from feeling happy and living the life you desire. 

Subconscious beliefs and habits are to blame and by changing them you can change your life. Your subconscious mind is millions of times more powerful than your conscious mind, the part you are aware of.

95% of ALL our behavior is governed by subconscious programs or patterns we developed mostly in childhood by observing our parents and others. This determines our personality, our beliefs about yourself and our potential, our habitual behaviours and subsequently, our results in life.

Our thought patterns are a habit. The emotions we feel every day are a habit. Our response patterns are a habit. Our behaviors are habits. Letting our fears prevent us from doing what we want to do is a habit. These habits can keep you trapped and miserable.

The good news is you learned those habits at one time, and you can easily learn new habits any time by learning how to work with your subconscious mind to gain greater control over your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behavior.

Barb Davies


Barb Davies is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, certified hypnosis instructor, social worker and coach.

Having a lifelong attraction to entrepreneurship, she has several years of professional online marketing experience and co-authored three best-selling books.

By combining her interest in neuroscience and psychology with her business experience and passion for personal development, hypnosis and meditation, Barb developed her own thriving brand and private practice—barbdavies.com.

In 2021, Barb launched Healing Minds Academy to help women and entrepreneurs on their own path to living with purpose and creating happy, prosperous lives. 

Barb lives with her partner Sam and his youngest son in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Barb and Sam enjoy cooking together, traveling and attending sports, cultural and wine tasting events. Barb is also an avid reader and enjoys golfing and camping.